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Working in Formentera

If you’re looking for a seasonal job, Formentera is the perfect place for you! During the summer Formentera wakes up from the numbness of the winter welcoming every year thousands and thousands of tourists. To satisfy such a large amount of people, a good organization is surely necessary and nevertheless a conspicuous number of workers.

The job market of Formentera mainly consists of two broad areas: food service and retail. The first one includes all the cafes, restaurants, chiringuitos, deli, bakeries and similar services. The second includes all the shops: apparel, souvenirs, furniture and so on. However these are not the only positions available, since there are so many other tasks: craftsmanship, personnel for the various autos and bike rent, coach of various sporting disciplines (above all related to the sea), administration and so much more.

Don’t be discouraged if someone will shut the door on your face, in Formentera everything moves quickly: in fact there are many shops that will offer you a try-out period of a few days and if things wouldn’t go for the best, it is likely that the owner of the shop next door will offer you a new opportunity.

With regards to timing it is necessary to start planning in advance if you want to spend the whole season working in Formentera. Many businesses begin to open at the end of April and maximum within the first two weeks of May; however the selection of the personnel begins a few weeks in advance. The best solution would be to spend a week on the island at the beginning of April and to start contacting the various directors of the places, it is possible that you’ll find someone that will tell you that they aren’t looking for anyone and that maybe it would be possible to work only in the months of July and August when the tourist flow reaches a considerable dimension and all the businesses strengthen their staffs. Without doubt you will find many others that are looking for someone and that therefore will propose you a try-out period!

As for the salary there are generally two alternatives: someone will pay you a higher sum without guaranteeing you an accommodation, leaving to you the search of a bed, normally in a shared apartment with other people that work on the island. Others will include accommodation in the offer, proposing you however lower pay. This last solution is surely the best, because it won’t force you to knock on every door and will keep you away from people trying to scam you.

Watch out: working in Formentera is not that easy since almost every job don't foresee any day off and the shifts are rather long (after all it we’re talking about a seasonal job). However you’ll be able to enjoy the beauties of this island and the magic atmosphere that characterizes it, a luxury that not so many people can afford.

We warmly hope that we’ve been able to help you and to see soon you in Formentera, maybe next time we will go out for dinner or when we will go shopping!

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