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5 Things to do in Formentera

If you’re not very fond of clubs and parties in Es Pujols, or if you simply want to live the true essence of the island of Formentera, do not despair! With today's post we will suggest some compelling alternatives, that will surely make your vacation unique:

- SUNSET WITH YOUR DEARS : if after a long day in one of the beautiful beaches of Formentera you don't want yet to go home the solution is very simple! Go to one of the many chiringuitos on the island, or even better in a desolate spot without anyone around, and enjoy the sunset. Silently , looking at the horizon, playing a bit of relaxing music in the background and sipping a beer. Be amazed by the magic colors of the sunset of Formentera, by the sun that directly plunges into the sea and leaves space for the moon to rise slowly and shiningly. If we were to recommend a spot, we’ll suggest one of the promontories in the area of Cap de Barbaria, you can’t miss it!

- DAY IN A BAY: do you want to spend a day of relax away from the uproar of the most famous beaches? That’s not a problem! Head to one of the many small bays scattered on the whole island where you can quietly spend the day enjoying the marvelous sea that characterizes the island of Formentera. Finding one won't be so easy, but with a bit of patience and curiosity you will reach unknown points of the island and you’ll plunge in the sea without thoughts.

- BOAT EXCURSION: head toward the harbor, here are located all the offices of the operators that carry out daily excursions in boat, raft or catamaran. The prices vary according to the company, the number of participants and the typology of boat. If you’re a sea lover, you won't miss a similar opportunity!

- LATE NIGHT WALK: imagine you’ve just have gone out of one of the many restaurants in the area of La Savina; the supper was delicious, the wine inebriating and a delicious dessert completed everything. How can you turn down a quiet walk together with your darlings? Enjoy the sight of the boats moored at the harbor, and free your mind from every thought and worry. This is the essence of Formentera, its true soul. There isn’t anything more beautiful and relaxing. Not to mention the area of the stands, where you will surely find some souvenirs of your taste to bring back home!

- LOOKING AT STARS AT THE LIGHTHOUSE: last but not least, one of the activities that we warmly recommend to you: take a blanket and head to one of the two lighthouses of the island. Lie down and begin to look at the stars. Formentera boasts a low coefficient of bright pollution, a key factor to enjoy at best the starry sky. If you love to take pictures, do not forget to put you in suitcase a wide-angle lens, you’ll get some amazing photos!

These are our suggestions to enjoy at best the essence of Formentera and its characteristic lifestyle. If you want to alternate some relaxing activities with a bit of healthy euphoria, then read the post about the clubs of Formentera!

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