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The purchase of a property on an island is the recurrent dream of a lot of people. The crowning of a dream or a life of hard work. And as all dreams it must be treated with respect and devotion. That’s why, when we offer apartments and houses for sale in Formentera, we do it passionately and carefully.


Thanks to twenty years of experience as a real estate agency on the island, we matured a strong sensibility towards the numerous matters and the different doubts that people advance when they intend to purchase a house in Formentera.

Which are the procedures to buy a property?

Which and how expensive are the ancillary costs?

Which is the average cost to sustain for the purchase of a house to Formentera?

What if I wanted to sell my property in Formentera?

These are some of the questions/doubts that people ask themselves when they are considering making an investment of this kind. Obviously these questions become even more relevant when the action takes place outside one’s own national context. Because not only changes the language but also the fiscal and administrative policies: this demands for a careful and accurate analysis to avoid to incur in unpleasant drawbacks. It’s necessary to have access to all the information before completing this footstep. Technical knowledge is required, urban, legislative and fiscal policies, a good knowledge of the environment and a lot of experience.

Therefore, to entrust a professional that operates on the territory since a long time, can really make the difference in making a dream of a life coming true.

Whether you desire a house for your vacations, an exclusive villa or an accommodation in one of the town centers of Formentera, we will always be there to recommend you the best properties for sale on the island and to let Formentera become your island as well .

We therefore invite you to contact us by email to be able to take a look at the available properties for sale that we have in our portfolio.

  • Lands for sale

    Lands for sale

    The purchase of a land in Formentera a recurring idea? The procedures for the purchase of a land, the approval of the project and all the following steps for the construction of a property are not that simple here in Formentera! As in every country, there are specific rules and a particular jurisdiction: none of this is an insurmountable obstacle, because thanks to our twenty years of experience on the field,... Leggi tutto

  • Villas for Sale

    Villas for Sale

    It's a villa in Formentera your dream? We will help you make it come true! The crowning of your dream is few clicks far from here!!! If you are thinking about purchasing a villa for your summer vacations in Formentera this is the right place. Hereby you will find the list of the available villas, don’t hesitate to contact us by email for any information about them, we are at your complete service.In the... Leggi tutto

  • Houses for sale

    Houses for sale

    Are you thinking about purchasing a house in Formentera? A house in Formentera to enjoy your deserved retirement. A beautiful house in Formentera for relaxing stays. A great house in Formentera for the whole family. Whatever is your request, Casayentorno is here since twenty years to guarantee you the perfect solution for all your needs! Fall under the category of "Houses" all the classical... Leggi tutto

  • Apartments for Sale

    Apartments for Sale

    Are you looking for an apartment in Formentera? is the brand new web platform of our agency which allows you to reach in an easy and fast way your dream: living to its best the island of Formentera! This section will be constantly updated to guarantee new real estate solutions suitable for different needs.

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