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Discover Formentera and its beauty

The island of Formentera is the ideal destination for a vacation made of relax in close contact with an uncontaminated nature.

Considered the "quitest" of the Balearic islands, that still maintains itself on the border of the worldly frenzy of the other islands, offers a life and a tourism characterized by the fashion of the happy hour on the seashore.

About twenty kilometers long, it has a surface of 82 km2 with a flat environment, excluding the two highlands of La Mola and Cap de Barbaria. Characterized by a typical Mediterranean vegetation its main cities are: Sant Francesc the main town, La Savina the habour, Es Pujols considered the tourist center of the island and San Ferran. Together with Ibiza (to which is connected from comfortable and frequent ferries) form the Islands Pitiuse. The official language is the Catalan.

The beaches of Formentera

The beaches of Formentera are made of white arena hemmed by the crystalline turquoise of the Mediterranean sea and rich of a great variety of fishes, thanks to this they win the challenge against those of Majorca, Minorca and Ibiza.

  • Beach of Illetes and beach of Llevant
The beaches of Illetes and Llevant are formed by a long edge of white sand that splits the sea. This conformation gives the possibility to always have a side sheltered by the wind, and to be able to choose whether to admire waves and apprentices of kitesurf or flat sea with a variety of impressive blues. Both beaches are easily reachable by scooter and suitable for everybody, The area has parking spaces and some restaurants, you can also find a couple of very popular chiringuitos where it is possible to taste a good appetizer waiting for the sunset.

  • Island of Espalmador
Espalmador is a small heaven reachable by foot when there is low tide, from the beach of Illetes, or in boat (you can rent one or alternatively take advantage of the "Boat Bahia" a small ferry in wood, that makes three trips a day). Espalmador is made of white sand side with a very suggestive bay, while the northern and western part is mainly rocky. Toward the inside a salty lake is found in low water with different natural puddles of sulphurous muds.

  • Beach of Migjorn
Migjorn is the longest beach of the island of Formentera and includes the whole south bank of the strip of earth that connects its two highlands (La Mola and Cap de Barbaria). it is characterized by pronounced waves (of different intensity according to the zone, of the day and of the wind). Beside the zone from Torrent de s’Algafino to Punta de l’Anguila, that includes various cliffs and rocks, the remainder drawn of beach is almost totally composed of white sand. It is the beach with greater influx of nudist (even if nudism is allowed in every beach of Ibiza and Formentera),

  • Beach of Cala Saona

Cala Saona is a real cove, an inlet of white sand among tall red rocks, from which the island of Ibiza is in sight. Despite being small, it is considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Formentera since it is served by numerous restaurants and chiringuitos. Ideal destination for families, it also offers the possibility of renting paddleboats and canoes. For those who desire a bit more privacy, there are two small and enchanting coves (one of sand and the other of rock-cliffs) on the right part of the beach, coasting the cliff from above.

  • Beach of Es Calò de Sant Augustin
The beach is made of three gorgeous coves, one next to each other, and attended by a narrow number of people. The sea is so clean and transparent that in some points it is also possible to admire along the shore a lot of varieties of fishes (polyps, fishes of various ransom and color also in schools), characteristic that make it the preferred destination for the snorkeling lovers.

The first bay is sandy with easy access to the sea. Continuing afoot it is possible to reach the second one that is located in a natural rocky and sandy cove with very low levels of water (up to the calf), opening than toward the sea with a small jump. The third one has a rocky prominence that divides it into two natural half-swimming pools; one of those is employed as small harbor by fisherman.

Formentera is a true heaven and Casa y Entorno has the ideal house for your unforgettable vacation to live today or for the whole life.

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  • Playa Mitjorn

    Playa Mitjorn

  • Playa Lletas

    Playa Lletas

  • Playa de Levante

    Playa de Levante

  • Es Calò

    Es Calò

  • Cala Sahona

    Cala Sahona

  • Cala Envaster

    Cala Envaster

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