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5 Things to eat in Formentera

Enslada payesa: we begin with the main traditional dish of Formentera: the ensalada payesa (or pagesa in Catalan). This is one of the most popular recipes and you won't find a Spanish place that doesn’t make it. We recommend you to try it while you’re at the beach, laying down on your towel! The star of this dish is surely the fish, which is hung to the trees by the fisherman and left to dry out by the sun. To complete the recipe there are many vegetables among which peppers, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and stale bread. A light but absolutely delicious dish that you can’t miss!

in Spain the chipironeses (little squids) are fried while the boqueroneses (anchovies) are soaked in vinegar. Both dishes are really good but the fried chipirones are largely used as an appetizer and is often served in small portions, with “pinchos” to easily eat them. The squid season goes from September October up to December, but already in August at times they can be found fresh. The reduced dimensions of these small squids make them the ideal choice to pick in company while drinking a frozen beer or as an appetizer while waiting for the main course.

Pata Negra:
if don't know the pata negra you are not a true gourmet! Jokes apart, this variety of ham is considered in Spain a high-end product. The name derives from the fact that the toe nail of the pig is indeed of black color. To be a proud holder of this name the meat must come from an exemplary that was only fed with cereals and bellota (acorns), raised in open and very ample spaces (at the most two samples for hectare). Seeing an expert that is about to cut the translucent thin slices of ham is a true privilege and to be able to do it while in Formentera is even more. It can be consumed both in purity as tapas or inside a “bocadillio”, sandwiches or slices of bread with ham, tomato and cheese. A must!

for sure the most famous dish of the Spanish culinary tradition. If you appreciate this dish, you will love it in any of its varieties: whether it is with meat, only with fish and mollusks (pescado y mariscos) or with both. A dish of great effect with an intense flavor that you can taste in many great restaurants in Formentera. It’s up to you to decide which one is best! We recommend to try the Barraca in Es Pujols, a great restaurant where you can follow the preparation of the dish from the external screens thanks to the webcam placed in the kitchen!

Pulpo (octopus) alla gallega or polbo à feira
: it is a characteristic meal of the region of Galizia, called this way because it was usually cooked in the days of celebration. The pulpo alla gallega is a bit elaborate, but very tasty thanks to the presence of a mix of sweet and spicy pepper. In Spain, it is normally served as tapas, usually accompanied with an alcoholic drink but, if you prefer, you can taste the Galician octopus as a delicious unique dish.

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