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Formentera Map

The first request of many tourists, once reached Formentera, is to have a map of the island to be able to orient oneself.We have thought therefore, to help you with today's post!

The shape of the island resembles a high heel, even if it is a garment that we do not recommend you to bring in your suitcase. Do not be fooled: in Formentera everyone’s free to be what he wants and it is not uncommon to see people wear suits with sixties plots that resemble the hippie movement still present on the island.

Formentera is divided in 6 small towns:

- La Savina: your landing point. It is in fact the only harbor of the island, therefore it will be a mandatory step for all of you (unless of course you are moored offshore with your yacht, but this is another story :D). In this area you will find some famous restaurants and by taking a brief walk of about 15 minutes you can already place your feet below the sand in the beautiful beach of Illetes.

- Sant
Francesc: the capital city of Formentera. This village is the heart of the island, here you’ll find a medium size supermarket and many essential services as schools, sporting center, shops of various kind etc.. Sant Francesc is the ideal place for the lovers of calm and relax: here you can taste some delicious breakfasts in the different cafes that animate the plaza of the village or wonder into the many marvelous boutiques.

- St. Ferran de ses Roques: the hippie soul of Formentera. This small village remains the rampart of the 60’s culture of the island. Surely one of the landmarks of this small pueblo is the historical restaurant Fonda Pepe, a real institution of the island. Meeting point for many customers and characterized by a typical hippie furnishing style

- Es Pujols: the heart of the movida. In case you wondered, the beating center of the fun of the isla bonita is this little town in front of the sea. It not only enjoys a gorgeous beach, but it also offers a whole range of pubs and discos that make it in fact the vibrating heart of the island. Here you can satisfy any desire: an elegant and refined supper, a quick appetizer with your friends or a delicious cocktail sipped with your feet a few inches far from the sea. Not to mention the discos, that will make you dance up to the dawn! In few words, a must for all those people that want to fully enjoy the island of Formentera.

- Es Calò: the fishermen's village. The small town of Es Calò de Sant Agustì is surrounded by sandy dunes that reach the road. The coastal area is characterized by some small bays; one of those has been turned to a dock for use of the fishermen. If you are looking for some breathtaking photos cry this it is your destination: as it combines uncontaminated nature and stunning landscapes.

- El Pilar de la Mola: the peak of the island. Formentera is characterized by the presence of two highlands: Cap de Barbaria and La Mola. In both areas you can find some fantastic points of interest as for instance the lighthouses or the megalithic points. Another event not to be missed is hippie market of La Mola that takes place here every Wednesday and Sunday from 16:00 pm up to night.

Obviously Formentera is much more than this, but as every proper adventure, everyone must live it at its best, discovering and wondering in person and touching with hand the beauties that animate the heaven of the Balearic.

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