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Formentera with children

Dear readers, with today's post we want to tell you why the island of Formentera is perfect for a vacation with your children.

Unlike other tourist destinations , Formentera maintains a calm and relaxed life-style that makes it proper as a dream vacation for the whole family. This is especially true in June and September, the quietest months of the whole season. All the places are open, there’s an ideal temperature and everything and everything is far less chaotic. There’s everything for a perfect vacation with your children.

The ideal solutions, in our opinion, is to rent an apartment in one of the small centers of the island where you will have all the conveniences and the comforts you may need. There are various supermarkets, the beaches are near and so are the playgrounds with swings and slides in various points of the island, not to mention the pharmacies and the hospital, near in case of urgencies. We know for a fact that when there are children involved the schedules and demands are different, reason why having an apartment with kitchen will allow you to have more freedom, independent and why not, lowering the cost of your vacation.

To explore the island, the most comfortable mean is for sure a small compact car; all the car rental make child seats available to make you children travel in full safety. Also bicycles can be a good mean of transport, all the main roads of the island are endowed with bicycle paths, and beside the heat in the hours of peak, it is a good match among discovering the island and exercising.

The whole island is characterized by a country-side life-style, where everyone knows each other. Every afternoon you will find children playing with a ball or having fun cycling in the small square of St. Francesc. It won't be difficult for your children to make new friends and to immediately discover new habits. There are also various celebrations for the patron saints of the island, the dates you should save are: San Juan on June 24, St. Jaime on July 25, Saint Maria on August 5 and the Celebration of the Madonna of the Carmen on July 16.

Not to mention the Flower Power! Maybe without children taking advantage for an evening of a good baby-sitter.

Unlike what is thought, many chirinquitos are equipped for children: for example the Blue Bar in Migjorn. You can enjoy the breathtaking view, sipping a good glass of Sangria while your children can play on the sand have a good time (no stress.. there is a reserved area, you won't have to run after them).

The sea and the beaches will be also a unique experience for the youngest. The crystalline water, the elegant sand, the fishes that swim next to the coast, nothing is missing…

We recommend the beaches where the backdrops are sandy, as Es Pujols or Illetas. You can freely choose here whether to rent beach umbrellas and sun beds or to bring you own (cheap and extra light); in any case your children can have a good time him in full safety being since the thin sand and the backdrops next to the coast are very low.

On the island there are many places to discover, that not only to the eyes of the your children but also for you, will seem magic. The lighthouse La Mola and the one of Cap de Barbarias are an example. enchanted sposts, magic colors at dawn and sunset. For the nature lovers you can't miss the numerous walks and the naturalistic areas on the island. Also, the various markets that animate the inhabited centers will be a moment of fun. The handcrafted products, the colors, the music.. there's everything that has made the life-style of the island famous in the world. The most famous one is the hippie market of La Mola that takes place every Wednesday and Sunday from 16.00 o'clock , from June to October.

Don't forget that even if we are talking about an island famous for its Hippie-style, it also offers a lot of fundamental services aimed to satisfy the demands of all the tourists, children included.

Don't wait further to book your family-size holiday. It will be a moment of deserved relax on a gorgeous island, an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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