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Formentera with your pet

Formentera is often defined the last heaven of the Mediterranean, but this definition does not only apply to people, but also to our small four-legged friends! In an island famous in the world for the narrow relationship between mankind and nature, there is always room for the necessary cares for animals. If you’re thinking about bringing your pup, don't be afraid! Animals are more than welcome on the island, as testified by the manifold outdoor activities that are encouraged and promoted by the City council of Formentera.

To transport your animals safely, guaranteeing them the lesser possible uneasiness, provide yourself with a pet carrier in such way you’ll be able to board them in the airplane and to reunite with them at the end of the trip. Make sure it has enough room to stretch and move, otherwise it might feel uncomfortable during the transport. For the dog races for which it is foreseen, you must also put on a muzzle, in such way you’ll guarantee the maximum safety for the transfer personnel and for the other passengers.

Once landed at the airport of Ibiza you can let your pups stretch for a little while, but then it will be necessary to put them again in the carrier before reaching the harbor. Whether you’ll take a cab or a bus, we recommend you to prepare in advance with your little animals, in such way you won’t slow down the passengers flow and you’ll be able to quickly move toward your destination. As for the ferry from Ibiza to Formentera the same mentioned rules apply.

Remember to ask to the staff of the facility in which you will stay, if they accept animals or not, since some hotels or landlords specifically require an extra fee for the cleaning service derived from the presence of animals and a deposit for possible damages brought to the structure.

For those who love nature it is possible to spend some time among the different outdoor activities that will give you a dreamy vacation: next to the village of San Francisco Javier there is a stable where is possible to organize horse riding classes and excursions for the whole island by paying a small price; the perfect occasion to spend an afternoon of relax together with your loved ones or friends. If you want to be amazed by the wonder that the Mediterranean has to offer, then you cannot miss the snorkeling! In the harbor area there are various companies that will allow you to discover the beauties of the sea bottom, whether you’re a beginner or a pro. You’ll be thrilled by the sight of the magnificent sea backdrops and by the fauna that populates this habitat.

As you can see there are many opportunities available, whether you want to bring your animals, or if you want to get closer with the nature, Formentera is the perfect island for you!

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