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Hotel in Formentera? Here’s why we recommend a house

What to choose between an apartment and a hotel in Formentera? The real estate proposals are so many and as every high level tourist destination, the possibilities so many according to the tastes and of the economic availabilities.

"Hotel in Formentera? That's why we recommend a house!": because we are a real estate agency :) you might think!!! Jokes aside, here we will list the whole series of pros and cons of the various accommodation solutions here in Formentera.
When we organize a holiday, whatever the destination is, the researches done are based on the personal needs. Formentera offers a series of different structures, from the hotel with Spa to the Eco Resort. From the bungalows few steps away from the beach to the villas for 14 people with Olympic swimming pool! Hereby we will specify what the best offers are.

  1. Tourist villages - For matters of practicality when there are children involved there is the tendency to choose this type of solutions. Unfortunately, here in Formentera the choice is not various considering that there is only one, and is not that economic neither. We want to emphasize that we are not against tourist villages, we have all been there at least once, it’s just that with all the beauties this island has to offer, the idea of staying inside a confined space for a week dancing the limbo at 6 PM is something that we warmly discourage. It is true that there are tennis fields, swimming pools and all the activities for the little ones, however personally we recommend you something different.
  2. Houses and villas - can be the most interesting solutions to cut out your own privacy. And you are not necessarily obliged to rent the villa with swimming pool from 1.500€ a day or the house with hi-tech equipment in the mountain, that also has the sea view!!! Luckily there are is a wide range of proposals for all the budgets, including houses in classical Formentereño style for 8 people that are listed for 500€ per night in August. It is surely one of the most practical ways to be able to spend your own vacation with your friends.
  3. You can also find dozens of apartments, mainly in the areas of Es Pujols, Sant Francesc and Sant Ferran. There can be luxury apartment solutions for families looking for practicality (for example the Formentera Palace, less than 50 meters away from the beach and with service of daily cleaning). But there are also apartments for young people or for 2 people, cheap and located in the town center. There is one thing about this solution that a lot of young people have the tendency to underestimate, by choosing the hotel they are obliged to go out for lunch and dinner practically every night. In the apartment there is the possibility to cook a proper meal, and save some money otherwise spent in restaurants (within 100€ to 150€), not that bad at all!
  4. The medium-low level hotels, for the greater part, are all in the hands of Tour Operators and to be able to stay you need to buy the full package: flight + transfer + scooter rental + purchase lunch + a set of pots…: -). It is not by chance that the structures of a superior category, allowing the bookings directly from their web pages, are the most wanted. Those 3/4 hotels of very high level, devoted to a bunch of rich people, have the whole season with the waiting list from the very moment that they open the bookings online... Moreover, there are just few hotels opened all year long in Formentera.
  5. Hostels - they are a more suitable solution for the brief stays, weekends or a flying visit off-season. Intended for a young public, and usually to the boys for their A-levels vacation or similar situations. They are an alternative between the hostel of the youth and the hotels, with single bed accommodation and at times with shared bathroom amongst the others. We would not recommend them to families with young children, and above all not in Es Pujols.
  6. Airbnb, Homelidays and TripAdvisor - A special mention must also be made to these new channels for the online rent. Skipping the matters of scam and fraud (a declining phenomenon). The most part of the owners that choose to rent through these channels, aim to maximize the profit, as you would expect. Sometimes you find the owners who make every rent a mission, and they are willing to do everything to satisfy the demands of the guests (in New York I personally had a fantastic experience!!!). Other times it can happen that the landlord, not being on the island and renting by distance, delegates all the responsibilities to the unlucky housekeepers, that usually are not that reactive or interested to the demands of the guests… This unfortunately goes to disadvantage of the guests.

Whatever is your choice in Formentera, among hotels, apartments and so on, remember to have fun and to enjoy you our fantastic shores!

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