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How to get to Formentera

With today's post we want to inform you about how to arrive on the gorgeous island of Formentera and advice you so that your trip goes for the best.

Formentera is not endowed with an airport: to reach it you must land in Ibiza and then take a ferry; otherwise you can reach it by car sailing from one of the Spanish harbors (Barcelona, Valencia or Denia) from which the ferries depart.

Let's check in detail the two options.


Reaching the island of Formentera by flight is the fastest alternative and the most comfortable for the thousands tourists that every year travel to the island.
The airlines that make transfers toward the island of Ibiza are various, surely the most common are the low cost companies (Ryanair, Vueling, EasyJet…) that daily connect several airports with Ibiza. The flight has a duration of around an hour and half.

Our suggestions are: reserve you seat in advance so that you can get a cheaper ticket; remember however that during the high season they are not that cheap, use websites such as to compare different options and to choose the most convenient for your demands. Be aware of respecting the various rules about weight and measures of the luggage to avoid extra costs during the boarding phase.

Once arrived at the airport of Ibiza you must move toward the harbor. There are two alternatives: by bus (approximately 20 minutes), the cost of the ticket is of 3,20€, or by taxi (around 10/15 minutes) for 18/20€. To reach Formentera you can take one of the several ferry boats that connect the two islands. The companies among which to choose are four:

- Mediterranean Pitiusa /

- Balearia

- Trasmapi

- Aquabus

We recommend you to check on the site the updated schedules of the various companies and to book online to save on the price of the ticket.

Once you reach Formentera, we strongly recommend you to rent a mean of transport to move around the many little streets that cross the fantastic island. There are many alternatives: the most popular choice is a scooter or a car, but many others prefer bikes. Just remember that many routes that connect the main road to the most lost and beautiful places of the island are not paved… :)


If flying is not your thing or if you just prefer to have your own mean of transport to move around the island, a car surely represents a solid alternative, even if it results to be the most expensive solution. It is in fact possible to board your car on a ferry at the harbors of Barcelona, Valencia and Denia.

The companies that operate on these path are:

- Balearia /

- Transmediterranea /

The first harbor you can board from is Barcellona: to reach in the shortest time one of the most famous destinations of the Iberian Peninsula, in proximity of the city, follow the indications for the “Rotonda del Litoral” and take the harbor exit. In a blink of an eye, you will be sailing to your dreamy vacation! To reach Denia, you will have to pass Valencia and take the exit Ondara - Dénia.

Remember to stop every now and then to rest a little bit and don’t get too tired!

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