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How to move in Formentera

We’ve told you about the most beautiful beaches in Formentera, we’ve have helped you to organize your trip to Formentera, we’ve recommended you the best solutions to stay on the island. Now it’s time to tell you about how to move on the island!

The drivability of the Isla Bonita is very simple and intuitive: a main road crosses the whole island, allowing to reach all the small villages and the most famous destinations. However, to discover at its best Formentera, and in many cases to reach the beaches, it will be necessary to take some secondary paths, mainly made of clay court. Unfortunately these roads are everything but comfortable, since the passage of the vehicles causes the lifting of dust and stone chippings. The inconvenience is however worth, since once reached the sea, you will be abundantly repaid for the effort, by the breathtaking sight of the crystalline waters.

These are all the available solutions to move around Formentera:

- CAR: the most natural choice for couples and families. Having a car will surely make your vacation more comfortable, considering that you can exploit it to the best to move toward the beaches, to shop at the supermarket and to go out during the evening. All by guaranteeing the maximum safety for you and your children. Seen the reduced dimensions of the island finding a parking lot won't be that easy, but with a bit of luck you will be able to reach within a few minutes’ walk every place.

- SCOOTER: boy’s preferred choice. Be clear, not only boys, also many couples choose this solution! The scooter is without shade of doubt the quickest solution to move around the island: it won't be difficult to find a parking lot neither at the beach nor in one of the villages of Formentera. Remember however to cautious while driving and to respect the traffic laws, since the police is very strict and severe!

- BICYCLE: for the sportsmen, a bike represents the ideal choice. On the whole island there are comfortable cycle lanes that will allow you to ride safely toward your destination. A good and echo-friendly solution that will allow you to full live Formentera while making a bit of physical activity.

- BUS: the island is served by four lines of bus that will allow you to move toward any destination. The price for a single ticket varies from 1,80€ to 2,55€ based on the distance crossed; there’s also the possibility to purchase some daily packages. The routes are very frequent and they finish approximately at 22:00 o'clock

- TAXI: a more expensive solution, proper for numerous groups. The taxi is surely the most comfortable mean but on the island there’s only one company that fulfills transfers, therefore you could be stuck for quite a bit of time while waiting for one to arrive.

Now that you know how to get around in Formentera, you just need to book your dreamy vacation!! Contact us to find out more about houses, apartments and villas for rent!

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