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  • How to get to Formentera

    How to get to Formentera

    With today's post we want to inform you about how to arrive on the gorgeous island of Formentera and advice you so that your trip goes for the best. Formentera is not endowed with an airport: to reach it you must land in Ibiza and then take a ferry; otherwise you can reach it by car sailing from one of the Spanish harbors (Barcelona, Valencia or Denia) from which the ferries depart. Let's check in detail... Leggi tutto

  • Pubs in Formentera

    Pubs in Formentera

    Everything you need to know to enjoy at best this corner of heaven! From the sunrise until deep night, discover with us every secret of the island of Formentera Formentera is an extremely active and vibrating island, at any time of the day and night you can find crowded pubs, people walking and packed beaches. Don't lose any opportunity to enjoy the island at its best, we bring you our experience and our... Leggi tutto

  • Weather in Formentera

    Weather in Formentera

    Which are the temperatures during the whole year in Formentera? A simple answer to always know what to bring in your suitcase. Because the weather is a serious thing. And in Formentera it is even more! A lot of requests that arrive to us every year from all of you are related to the climate and weather in Formentera. With this post we want to make a little bit of clarity on which the best periods are for coming... Leggi tutto

  • The best 5 beaches of Formentera

    The best 5 beaches of Formentera

    The top 5 beaches of Formentera summarized for you! Places you don’t want to miss during your stay on the island!!! Let's immediately make a premise, it is impossible to make a ranking of best beachs of the island. The users of TripAdvisor have elected Lletas the fifth most beautiful beach of the world, but we believe that the others are nothing less, therefore here to follow the list the beaches that we... Leggi tutto

  • Hotel in Formentera? Here’s why we recommend a house

    Hotel in Formentera? Here’s why we recommend a house

    What to choose between an apartment and a hotel in Formentera? The real estate proposals are so many and as every high level tourist destination, the possibilities so many according to the tastes and of the economic availabilities. "Hotel in Formentera? That's why we recommend a house!": because we are a real estate agency :) you might think!!! Jokes aside, here we will list the whole series of pros... Leggi tutto

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