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The most beautiful beaches of Formentera: our suggestions

The top 5 beaches of Formentera summarized for you! Places you don’t want to miss during your stay on the island!!!

Let's immediately make a premise, it is impossible to make a ranking of best beachs of the island. The users of TripAdvisor have elected Lletas the fifth most beautiful beach of the world, but we believe that the others are nothing less, therefore here to follow the list the beaches that we warmly recommend you to visit during your vacation in Formentera!

Premise 2.0, in Formentera a crucial role it’s played by the "posaidonia", a seaweed that fundamentally is a sea plant. Along the coast of Formentera, on the sea bottom, there is the greatest “grassland” of posaidonia of the Mediterranean. The particularity of this seaweed (to explain in poor words!!!) is that captures all the impurities in the depth and makes only crystalline water to reach the shore, here is the reason why the beaches are so clear. Enough with the National Georaphic moment, here is the list!

1) Lletas- Starting from this one, obviously! It extends from the northern zone of the island, and goes along the left part of the slice of earth that almost arrives to Esplmador. It is a well-served beach with restaurants and chiringuitos and therefore proper for everybody, reason why almost in any part here the nudism is not practiced. In high season there is a toll to pay to enter with scooters and cars (seems like quads starting from this year are banned!), this is done to avoid the uncontrolled influx of tourists and to preserve the natural park of which these beaches are part of.

2) Llevant - Another destination that you can’t miss, it extends as well in the natural park of the beach of Lletas, however on the right side, with sight on the island of Espardell, you will find the crystalline water made of fantastic blue tones here as well. The access is very easy both with a car or a scooter and there are a couple of cheringuitos and restaurants among which the historical “Tanga”, meeting point for great paellas and matches of beach volley on the beach.

3) Mitjorn - Migjorn is the longest beach of the island of Formentera and includes the whole southern side of the strip of earth that connects two highlands (La Mola and Cap de Barbaria). The area that extends from the Torrent de s’Alga (Can Parra) until CaMarì is mostly rocky and not easily accessible. The perfect spot for snorkeling, there are quite a lot varieties of fishes! The area that starts from the Real Playa and that ends in Cala des Mort (after the hotel Riu La Mola just to be clear!) is instead alternated by rocky beaches and strips of gorgeous white sand. You will find here a crystalline water as well. A must see!

4) Cala Sahona – It is a great inlet in the western zone of the island, actually it is the only beach near the area of Punta Rasa and Cap de Barbaria. Without doubt the perfect destination for families. In fact, it is also one of the most popular zones for all those people who choose to enjoy the island in boat; it is not uncommon to see moored in distance the Yacth of Giorgio Armani or boats of every type. Fun fact: reaching the beach in tender, and passing the area of Can Marroig, a big chunk of the cliff seems cut by lasers in several points… In fact, during the past, the people of Formentera, used to cut blocks of “Mares” with the aid of big steel cables (and a lot of patience, we would say!!!) to use them in the construction of houses and roads.

5) EsPalmador – Even if is not technically part of Formentera, EsPalmador has one of the most beautiful beaches of the Balearic. It is a small island located north between Ibiza and Formentera, close to the beaches of Lletas and Levante. There is nothing on the island (beside the house of the watchmen!) therefore if you count to make an excursion, keep in mind to bring you a sandwich and a lot of water. It is possible to reach it mainly in raft or with organized excursions, in the days of calm sea and low tide you can even walk from the edge of the beaches that divides the two islands (action highly discouraged both from the authorities and from us!). Toward the center of the island there is a salty lake in shallow water with different natural puddles of muds, with which it is possible to cover the body to make the skin softer as in a real open sky SPA.

Well, what you think? Have we managed to convince you to come to Formentera? The beaches are not enough? Well then give a glance at thetemperatures in Formentera.... You can’t say no!

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