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What to see in Formentera

Today we want to give you some suggestions on things you must see on the fantastic island of Formentera.

Besides being rich of magic beaches, has some of the most unique naturalistic area of the world, from the sea floor rich in Posidonia protected by the Unesco, to the small lived centers that maintain intact that style that has made this island famous in the world… there is so much to discover to live the island at its best a stay on what has been described as “The last heaven of the Mediterranean.”

These are our suggestions about the things you can’t absolutely miss:

- The hippie market of La Mola: in the sixties a community of hippie decided to install in Formentera, since then their style remains one of the most famous characteristics of this small island. Today, the traces of this life-style are still well visible in many places and in the different markets that take place in various points of the island. We recommend the one located in La Mola, it is held every Wednesday and Sunday beginning from 16.00, from June to October. Here you can purchase handcrafted objects of any type, apparel or jewels, pictures and sculptures. All strictly Made in Formentera, by local artists.

- The Roman Path: on the island there are around 20 paths accessible by bike or walk. These paths lead to the most beautiful and hidden areas of the island to fully enjoy a wild and uncontaminated nature. The most famous path goes back to the Roman Age and is named “Camì Romà” (roman walk). Romans used this small island as a deposit of wheat (“frumento” in Italian): from here the name Formentera. It is a kilometer and a half long and climbs on the cliff, granting indeed a breath-taking sight!!!!

- La Mola lighthouse and Cap de Barbaria lighthouse: the lighthouse located in La Mola is the greatest and has been built in 1861 on top of a 120 meters’ cliff, the highest point of the island. Its particular halo makes it one of the most beautiful lighthouses of the world. You can reach it by crossing the main road that begins from the habour La Savina and ends in front of the lighthouse. The place is so beautiful that Jules Verne set here an episode of one novel of his, the adventures of Hector Servadac. There is a headstone that honours him.

In the most southern point of the island, Cap de Barbaria there is another lighthouse. Around 20 meters tall it is positioned in a zone where the sight is indeed breathtaking. On the cliff there is also a hole that grants access to a splendid cave, that leans out as a natural balcony on the sea! At least once in your life you must admire the sunrise from the lighthouse of La Mola and the sunset from the cliffs surrounding the lighthouse of Cap de Barbaria.

- The natural swimming pools of Punta Pedrera: in the area of Punta Pedrera, located to the west of the Puerto La Savina you can refresh in the so called “natural swimming pools” because of their crystalline water. Here the maritime flora is particularly flourishing, besides the shore is rich of semi-submarine caves.

- The five Megalithic spots: in several areas of the island there are some points Megalithic points that host some sepulchral zones, these are the traces of the first buildings and prove that Formentera was already inhabited on the 2000 B.C. They can be found along the road that reaches the lighthouse of La Mola, the best preserved ones are in Cap de Barbaria and in to Ca Na Costa.

Choosing only five locations to recommend has been a difficult assignment, because Formentera must be lived in all its uniqueness. You could be staying here for years and keep discovering enchanting shores and be amazed every time by the style you can found in every corner of the island.

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